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The Invisible Man

So, I’ve had a the same problem for quite some time now and maybe you can relate?

Have you ever been in a room and felt you were the odd one out. In a situation that was supposed to be inclusive but you still felt excluded?

Well for many years the simple act of shopping for underwear has always been a nightmare. Here’s the issue, my experiences have been that I can NEVER find underwear that fit comfortably!! A very simple request and not too much to ask.

It’s like the main stream underwear industry has neglected to cater for Black Men? I literally felt like an Invisible Man in these store looking at products that were clearly not designed with me in mind.

With all the classic and new styles that are out there, non seem to be designed Fe We (for us). I know we are all different shapes, sizes and body types but just to find a classic pair of boxer shorts, not too high in the crouch, and a good length is like finding a leprechaun sock in a sand storm.

I went through the stage of trying the mainly tight and uncomfortably brands that were on offer. Trust me, I tried them all from the premium expensive names to the inexpensive high street budget jobs. I just got tired of always having to stand up and adjust the chafing pair of underwear that I had on (not a good look in public).


Compromise, No Compromise

As the resourceful people we are I resulted to creatively compromising. I tried different football shorts and lounge shorts just to find something that would fit right. I even got large sized boxer shorts and had the waist taken in.

At this point I had literally had enough. I was tired of having to compromise and I just want what I want! If the mens underwear industry didn’t want to cater for men like me then I was going to create my own damn it!

If  you would have told me a few years ago that I would be in the “Under wear business” I would have laughed my ass off. Now I’m on a mission to create the most comfortable premium boxer shorts made for black men. I’m so excited about our brand and look forward to creating a better underwear experience for black men world over.

If you haven’t taken the “What’s Your Style” survey yet, please do. Your answers will help us create the perfect underwear experience for you. Please comment and share. It would be great to get your feedback.

Jeremy Salmon

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