Our Journey

I am so excited about our new exclusive premium mens underwear brand For Brothers. I think we have something quite unique and special and really look forward to the future of the brand.

The concept first started way back in 2015 and has been developing and growing over the years. I would like to invite you to stare Our Journey, the highs and the lows. What does it take to create the most comfortable underwear for black men ever? What are the positives and pitfalls of creating a brand for black men in a predominantly white male orientated industry? Walk with us on our journey on the road to back excellence….

JAN 2015

This is the date of conception where all great things start of as clear simple thought and idea with in the mind.

MARCH 2015

Here are some of the initial brand idea sketches. There were quit a lot of concept sketches and designs until we developed the brand we have today. You can see the early stages of the Bee concept beginning to develop.

JAN 2018

Please don’t ask way it took a whole THREE YEARS to get back to the project!!! These things happen I guess. As long as you keep on track with your goals and never give up, thats what matters. 

Here’s the first brand designs which was later further refined later in 2019.

SEPT 2018

This is the arrival of the second sample set received from a tailor. This is where the journey really begins in creating a quality product. 

The style and fit is a very important part of our brand and what we stand for. This has to be perfect so there will be a n umber of prototypes before we get to For Brothers quality garments.